I try this bacon cookies recipe

I know. It sounds weird. Very weird. That is the first thought I had when I found this recipe. And to tell you how weird I found it, it took me over a year to decide to make it. This recipe is from a French website called Trois fois par jour (link below). This website is amazing, everything looks delicious.

Enough talking, let’s get to it!

We started by cooking (and eating) the bacon. The house smelled so good.

Guy input: It’s a shame to cut the bacon into small pieces instead of eating it.

While it was getting cold I processed to mix all the other ingredients.

Bacon cookies recipe1-MHKtriesthis Bacon cookies recipe2-MHKtriesthis

The only thing, I didn’t mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon. It wasn’t easy so I ended up doing it with my hand. Let’s get down and dirty! It was fine with me, the mixture smelled so good!

Bacon cookies recipe3-MHKtriesthis

Recipe from: http://www.troisfoisparjour.com/recettes/dessert/biscuits-au-bacon (french website)

Difficulty: Easy

Time: Give or take 45 minutes to 1 hour, time to cook your bacon, let it cool before cutting it, prepping the ingredients and finally baking time.

Results: They are very good. I thought it would taste too much like bacon, but there is a great balance between all of the ingredients. They are great.

Bacon cookies recipe4-MHKtriesthis

Guy input: This is perfect.

Have a nice day!



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