I try this 30 day squat challenge:

Ah exercise… I am not good at it, I don’t love it, we tried to be friends a few time before but ehhh… However I will try to accomplish this challenge and I write a note after each day.

It took me a few days to decide to start this challenge. I feel that this winter is never-ending and I feel more and more lazy. That is why I wanted to start a fitness challenge. I found my challenge on www.30dayfitnesschallenge.com. They had a lot of choices and they explain each exercise with how to’s and videos.


Here’s how it went down:

Day 1: 50 SQUATS??? The first day???? Ok, ok I can do it. I really started feeling it after squat #20. At the end, I was a little out of breath and my knees hurt. Either I am really out of shape, or there is something I am doing wrong.

Day 2: 55 squats. Today I did my squats parallel to a mirror to make sure I was standing correctly. I did pretty well. I don’t squat to 90 degrees yet, but the effort is there. Squats # 40 to 55 were the hardest. I felt it in my legs as I went up 9 flights of stairs afterwards. Happy to see it’s starting to work.

Day 3: I was still a bit sore from yesterday’s squats. #1 to 20 were easy. It started being hard at #37. From #55 to 60, it was very hard. But I am happy I did it. Also, the mirror really helps me push a little lower every time. I suggest it to everyone if it’s possible!

Day 4: Rest day! Yayy!!

Day 5: Today it was difficult from the begging. But the harder squats are the ones you add each day. #60 to 70 got me pushing hard. But I am happy because although I still don’t squat at 90 degrees I am getting closer and closer. Also I tried to contract my abs at the same time. Oh it was hard. And I was feeling it more in my right leg. 5 days down 25 to go.

Day 6: I never did exercise in the morning, however from day one to five, circumstances had it that I did my squats straight out of bed. Today, I decided to make them at night. It was so much harder. I also tried to push and push more. I am so close to squatting at 90 degrees and that’s a big step for me! I will say it again; it is crazy how much having a mirror next to me helped me push myself more. When you don’t see yourself, you think you are doing right or squatting enough, but when you see what you are actually doing, you find out you can do much better

Day 7: I can do this. It’s hard, but I guess it means it’s working and I am doing it right.

Day 8: Rest day!

Day 9: 100 squats. It scares me. I don’t know if I should be disappointed because it still find it hard. At #60 my heart was beating so fast. Wow I made it to a 100! It’s a victory for me. To be at day 9 is a victory also. Usually I give up after 3-4 days. I can do this! No pain, no gain.

Day 10: Before I started, I felt a knot on the lower left side of my back. I hoped it wouldn’t bother me. I really forced myself to go 90 degrees on the squats. Oh how I felt it in my thighs. I took mini beaks in between. I can’t do it all straight. But the fact that I do it is all that matters. I have never done this before. If I can, you can. Awesome I finished 105 squats! I understand that it is not about doing it fast in 3 minutes but doing it the right way at your own pace. I’m happy with what I accomplished today!!!

Day 11: Today is Sunday, it’s 8 o’clock at night, I really don’t feel like doing this but the whole point of a challenge is to do it anyway. I know I will be proud at the end, so let’s go! I’m surprise to say that today was not so bad. Even if I don’t see a change in my weight or my size, I know that every day I am a little stronger. That is already a win for me. If you guys are doing this too, don’t give up. Write about it every day, in a journal, on a blog, anywhere. It’s not easy, especially if you are lazy like me, but afterwards you feel good about yourself, in your body and in your mind.

**Side note: If you decide to do the challenge with someone, or if you know someone else that is exercising, make sure you are not competing or comparing yourself with them. You have your own goals that you will reach in your own time. It is good to feel inspired by someone, just make sure that you are not in a competition and always be proud of what you accomplished because you are better than who you were yesterday.

Day 12: Rest day!

Day 13: 130 squats. I had to wake up earlier for this! I couldn’t do it at night because I had appointments. Argh if this doesn’t wake me up I don’t know what will. I hope that one day I will feel the need to exercise. Today I feel as if it’s a chore. Maybe I should try doing something else. I guess doing the same thing over and over, isn’t going to be as effective. I’m at squat #40 I better keep going. Done! Ouff this was painful. At squat #60 I spread my legs more and I felt my thighs working harder. Also I notice I have to focus not to bend my knees over my feet. It’s my butt and my thighs that should do all the work. – Later that day: I went up 10 flights of stairs and I can feel the burn!

Day 14: Today was hard. Very hard. I was thinking how much I hate squats. So to lighten my mood I put music on my phone. I would do some squats; I would dance then squat, then dance. You have to find a way to stay motivated. I think my next challenge will have to be more diversified to make sure I stick to it. How many days left? It’s in those moments you need to find strength to keep going. I am fed up of giving up. That is not who I want to be!

Day 15: I had a rough day today. You know one of those days that nothing seems to be going right. I was exhausted. My mom told me to skip the squats today. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t, as a sign of respect for you, who have read all the way down this post, and for my own self-respect. I wanted to know that I can complete a challenge correctly without cheating. IT WAS HARD BUT I DID IT!!!! Shower time and then I do nothing else until bed time!!

Day 16: Rest day!

Day 17: Today went remarkably well!! Maybe because I woke up early and I had more time or maybe I was in a better mood. No complaining today!! Yayy! I was ALMOST happy to do squats? Omg!

Day 18: Yes! I got excited to do my squats today because yesterday went so well. Also, today I went and I bought myself some new exercise gear. Nothing too expensive, but knowing I have a cute outfit to wear can always help! The last 15 squats were hard, and I really focused and used to mirror to make sure I am doing right. I don’t see a change in my appearance because I didn’t change my eating habit and I don’t do exercise besides this challenge. Nevertheless, I do feel that my muscles are getting stronger. I did good today. Off to the showers, make some tea and relax!

Day 19: I was looking a the picture of the challenge and I realized that I made it to the second column. That is a big achievement for me. And all the achievements you can do, no matter how small they are, you should take the time to appreciate and be proud. We can all do it, it depends how much we WANT to do it! I hard a hard time doing some squats the right way because I would feel pain in my back. I put my hand palms up on top of my shoulder and pretended I was holding a weight stick that is behind my neck and I look in the mirror to make sure my back didn’t bend. I realized that this technic makes me work out my abs!

Day 20: REST DAY

Day 21: Day 21 already. It’s close to bed time and I am tired. It seemed easier to do it when I wake up but I like to sleep as long as I can in the morning! What a dilemma right! It was hard, but it should be right? This is not getting easy.

**Side note – doing one exercise will not make you lose weight. Your muscles will become stronger but that is not enough. I feel great after a workout I could bend down and not feel 86 years old when I get back up.

Day 22: Today I didn’t want to spend too much time doing squat but I wanted to make sure I did it correctly. I decided I was going to make 50 squats in a row. To my surprise, I managed to go all the way up to 90! I’m extremely proud! It shows that when you put your mind to something, even if you don’t feel like it, you can do it. Look at the difference from day one! Awesome!!185 squats! Way to go me! I can do ittttt!

Day 23: It’s close to midnight and I don’t want to move. I am trying to convince myself to do it, thinking tomorrow is a rest day. I did it. The closer I was getting to the end the less I wanted to finish it. But you have to get rid of those thoughts and kick their butts and do it. I deserve a good night sleep. Good night!

Day 24: REST DAY

Day 25: I’m freaking out a little bit. 220 squats, that is a lot of squats and I had a lot of cake this weekend! Hahaha! It was hard to do but at the same time I feel my legs getting stronger because I can do much more squats in a row without stopping (30 to 50 and at the beginning 10 was good!) It seems my ‘’squat’’ sessions are going by faster. I still can’t believe I didn’t give up. You should try it too. Pick a challenge and stick to it. I think this is the first of many.

Day 26: I am lazy today. Very lazy. I don’t want to squat. I know I will feel great after, I think my body and my mind are starting to like this.

Day 27: Day 27 was filled with many many emotions. Afterwards I felt exhausted. It is late and I just want to sleep. What do I do? Go! Go! Go! I didn’t get to day 27 to start skipping days! Go! Go! Go! You too! You can do it. It’s ALL in your head. Today I felt the pain but I did it and I feel good.

Day 28: REST DAY

Day 29: 240 Squats. Today was a very busy day inside and outside of work. It was getting really late when I realized I still had to do my squats. I started squatting here and there. Honestly today I took a lot of time to do my squats. I did 30, and then I would take a long break to do something else, and so on. But I to me the important part was to make sure I do it. Remember we are all humans and life can get in the way. Just keep going, what ever your pace is. By the time I was done today, it was past midnight.

Day 30: I cannot believe I have come to the end of this journey. Throughout this exercise I realized I complain more than I thought so. You live and learn right? I am proud for succeeding this challenge… on to the next one?

Conclusion: Everything in life is hard, but once you accomplish your goal you can be proud. You do not lose weight because you are doing one exercise only, even if my muscles got stronger. They say you lose weight in the kitchen and you get stronger in the gym. I also have to learn to be more positive, maybe that way I will enjoy exercise more!

mhktriesthis 30 days squat challenge day 1IMG_0478IMG_0477


2 thoughts on “I try this 30 day squat challenge:

  1. Isabelle Parizeau says:

    Bonjour Marie je vais essayer ce défi … je t’en reparle dans 30 jours … encore bravo pour ton blog j’adore même si je comprend pas tout!!!


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