I try these beauty samples – National Women Show Samples – Part One

Am I the only one who gets really excited when I receive sample? I cannot wait to try something new! As you can tell by the title, I went to the National Women Show in Montreal with my mom. It was our first time and we had a lot of fun. You get to talk to the seller and ask your questions. There were a lot of different brands I had never heard of before.  It turns out we got a load of samples! Woohoo!! I really wanted to try every product and let you know what I thought of each product.

To be honest, I thought most of the samples I would receive would be beauty samples but it was the one I got the least.

I try this Jergens Shea Butter:

mhktriesthis national women show - beauty jergens

I was surprised by the quantity of moisturizer that was in this little pouch. There was enough for my entire body and it smelled very nice and sweet. It made my skin super smooth and soft. My skin was still super soft the next day. I will definitely try this again and highly recommend it.

I try this Caprina Fresh Goat’s Milk Soap:


I was hesitant to try this soap because I have very sensitive skin. I normally use Dove unscented, or else my skin becomes very itchy. Surprisingly I did not have a problem with this soap. It also smelled good, not too strong. My skin was nice and soft after using it.

I try this John Frieda radiant RED shampoo and conditioner:

mhktriesthis nationla women show - beauty red head

The shampoo and conditioner were both tinted red. I almost didn’t have enough shampoo for one wash however I managed to squeeze every little bit out of the pocket to be able to clean my hair. They both had a nice smell and I was glad because the last conditioner I bought from L’Oreal smelled like chemicals.

I try this John Frieda brilliant Brunette shampoo conditioner:

mhktriesthis NWS beauty John Frieda for brunettes

I would buy this shampoo just for the smell! Wow it smells so amazing, a mix of floral with a hint of masculinity. My hair became so soft. I like this formula much more than the one for red hair because it is more hydrating and my hair was soft for few days.

I try this Gold Bond Ultimate moisturizing Aloe cream:

mhktriesthis beauty SNF Gold Bound

When I think of the brand gold bond I keep thinking of the old television commercials with the orange bottles and feet! They have come a long way since then. This cream is really thick and it felt really nice on my hand. I like that they added aloe, it is soothing. It has a light smell but it goes away after a few minutes. I also appreciate that your hands don’t feel oily after putting on cream.

I try these lipstick samples from Avon:

mhktriesthis NWS beauty avon lipstick

I got really excited when I saw these mini lipsticks because it reminded me of my childhood. My mother use to work with a lady that sold beauty products and she always brought home samples and she would give me mini lipsticks like these to play dress up! These are very nice colors and the texture is very creamy. The dark pink one was very pigmented, I had to rub hard to get it off my hand.

I try these Mustela samples:

mhktriesthis NWS beauty mustela

Turns out these products are for pregnant women and babies. But my mom said if it’s good for them, it’s good for me too! I know she is right, so I decided to try them.

  • Dermo-Cleansing for baby: It left my skin soft and hydrated, but I wasn’t too keen about the smell. It smelled like plants and not what I believe a baby smells like (does that even make sense?)
  • 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash for baby: Let’s be honest, there wasn’t enough product for me to try it on my hair AND my body! I find the smell was even stronger with this product. Personally I do not like it. Guy Input : It doesn’t smell bad but it smells funky.
  • Hydra Bébé for baby: Again, we have an herbal smell. I am clueless when it comes to baby products but I feel like there are other products out there that can make their skin softer.
  • Stretch Marks double action for mom: Obviously I cannot tell if this cream helps with stretch marks with a sample, but the smell was much better, more floral than herbal.

All the products are hypoallergenic, clinically tested by dermatologists and pediatrics, and parabens phtalates free.

Have a nice day!


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