I try these maple products

After a very long winter, we are all happy to see spring finally arriving. In spring one of most popular activity to do in Canada is to go to a sugar shack! If you don’t have time to go, your super market is filled with interesting maple products.

** I would like to apologize in advance. The pictures in this post won’t be very consistent because I have lost some pictures and I had to retake them in a different environment.

I try this Sponge Taffy :

mhktriesthis - maple taffy

I think I was too excited when I went shopping for maple products. I grabbed this taffy, which was in the maple section but once I purchased it and looked at the ingredients, I realized there is no maple inside! What a disappointment. Let’s see if it still tastes like it. Nop, I don’t really like it. I find it much more soft that the sponge in the Crunchy chocolate bars (plus they are covered in chocolate = bonus!)

Guy Input: I like it because it is super sweet and spongy but I hate it because it gets stuck in my teeth!

I try this Croc Érable – Real milk chocolate with pure maple sugar:

mhktriesthis - maple chocolate

I find that you don’t taste the maple. You can feel the crunchy parts in the chocolate but that is about it. I am a little disappointed. For the Guy Input is pretty much the same as mine… disappointing. On the plus side, the chocolate itself is pretty good.

I try this maple sugar from Érablière Bouvier & Fils:

mhktriesthis maple sugar

I tried the maple sugar on the strawberries and it is good, it does taste like maple but I think I would taste better used in a cake or a cupcake.

Guy Input : I don’t think using it on strawberries gives the product justice. We have to try it while baking.

So cupcakes we made!

mhktriesthis maple sugar 2

I used a recipe I found  for two cupcakes on How sweet it is . I don’t taste the maple sugar, perhaps the vanilla is over powering. I am disappointed in this product. I will try to find other ways to use it.

I try this maple bread from Compliments:

mhktriesthis maple bread

The smell. If you could only be here and smell it! It is divine! This bread smells so delicious as if it just came out of the oven. It taste amazing, even if it smells much more like maple than you it tastes. The maple is not over powering on the bread. It has a great balance. We tried toasting the bread but we found that it lost a lot of the maple flavor.

Guy input: The taste is subtle and the bread is a little pasty.

I try these maple donuts from the grocery store:

mhktriesthis maple donuts

Best. Donut. Ever. This is what I call a donut! It was so fresh. I think is it made with potato and it had a heavy consistency It was covered with maple syrup cream and sprinkles of dried maple syrup. I ate two of them and I did not feel bad one second! That is how good it was.

Guy Input: It was delicious but very sweet.

I try this Maple Candy:

mhktriesthis - maple candy

It tasted exactly how I imagine it. It’s maple syrup that was cooked and then dried. You had some liquid maple syrup in the middle which was a great surprise. It is exactly what I expected, nothing more nothing less.

I try this Pomérable maple cider from La Cidrerie La Pomme du Saint-Laurent:

mhktriesthis maple cider

This is the product that I was the most excited about and it’s the one that disappointed me the most. It was an excellent cider, but it did not taste like maple at all! Not even in as an after taste. We tried it cool, as you usually drink cider, and warm, but nothing. No maple flavor. We figured that the apple flavor was too strong to let the maple shine.

I try this Maple Cotton Candy :

mhktriesthis - maple cotton candy

I tried this one last because I have high expectations. When I opened the package it smelled delicious. You can tell it was maple cotton candy! The taste on the other hand I am torn. When you put the cotton candy in your mouth I find it tastes at the beginning but it goes away quickly. I also find there is an after taste and I cannot put my hand on what it tastes like. I am happy I tried this but I don’t think I will buy it again.

Guy Input: You can smell the maple but you cannot taste it. I do not like it.

I try this Maple Jelly from Érablière Bouvier et Fils:

mhktriesthis - maple jelly

I don’t eat jelly because I find it has a weird texture. I did not know what to expect from this product. I toasted a slice of baguette and let me tell you that I was surprised. There was a small hint of maple that came through. Then my boyfriend suggested that I add some butter on the bread before I spread the jelly. Wow, what a difference that made! It was as if the butter enhanced the flavor of the maple. It was really good. The amount of maple in this product was spot on, not too sweet and not too faint. I cannot wait for tomorrow morning to eat this as breakfast!

Guy Input: When eaten with the butter it is really amazing; I could eat the whole loaf of bread with this jelly.

I try this Organic Maple Syrup from Biodélices:

mhktriesthis maple syrup

You can’t go wrong with Maple Syrup. It was so delicious, not too sweet, a great breakfast!

Have a nice day!


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