I try growing an ecocube (10$):

Last time I went to Indigo, I picked up this little ecocube in hopes to have a beautiful Lavender plant. I was curious to find out if anything will actually grow from this little cube.

As instructed on the packaging, we added some water and placed a plastic bag on it to prevent the moisture from escaping. We lost the plastic bag that came with the cube so we used a Ziploc bag instead. It said that the ecocube will slowly decompose once you plant it in the earth.

mhktriesthis Ecobox 2

Day 1: We added water and put the cube in a plastic bag. Now we wait!

mhktriesthis ecobox day 1

Day 10: We can see that there is a small eco system that is happening. Nothing has grown yet.

mhktriesthis ecobox day 10

Day 17: I came home and noticed that the plastic bag was gone. When I asked my boyfriend about it, he told me he took it out because mold was starting to form on the earth. I don’t think this is a good sign.

Day 30: I know I shouldn’t be, but I am sad that this did not work. I think next time I will buy seeds and real earth and plant it myself in a pot instead of getting something already prepared. Hopefully I will have better luck with a different project!

mhktriesthis ecobox day 30

Happy mother’s day to those who celebrate and a nice day to all of you!


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