I try these tea samples – National Women Show – Part Two:

It’s Tea Time!!!

I started drinking tea less than a year ago. It all started when I went to David‘s Tea with my boyfriend. We bought Alpine Punch, it was very fruity with a hint for almond. Afterwards I bought more from David’s Tea, and from the grocery store, trying to figure out what kind of tea I like the most.

The day I went to the NWS, I received six different samples and I thought to share them with you.

I try this Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical:

mhktriesthis - mighty leaf green tea tropcialmhktriesthis tead green tea tropical

When I opened the pouch, it smelled like delicious fruits! You can smell mango but you don’t taste the mangos or the fruits. It was bitter. I forgot my cup for a while, and by the time I drank it, it was colder and I found that you can taste the mango more when the tea is less bitter.

Guy Input: I find it taste like fruits. It’s like a tropical party in your mouth.

I try this Four O’Clock Decaffeinated Green Tea Chaï Tea:

mhktriesthis - green tea chai

I am not fond of Chaï but the taste is very light. It wouldn’t be my first choice of tea but I would drink this on a cold autumn night, wrapped in my blanket in front of a beautiful fire.

Guy Input: It smells nice but there is not much taste. It is a little bit sweet. I wouldn’t drink this tea again.

I try this Four O’Clock Chocolate Spice Herbal Tea:

mhktriesthis - chocolate spice tea

It tastes like you tried to make hot chocolate but you added too much water to the mixture. It is not bad but I think I would rather have chocolate milk. However, those who would like to eat less chocolate and still have the taste; I believe this is a good choice.

Guy Input: It smells very sweet, like chocolate. Urgghhhh! It doesn’t taste like it, or maybe a little bit but it is funky. I don’t like this tea.

I try this Twinning’s Rasberry Pomegranate Herbal Tea:

mhktriesthis - pomegranate and raspberry  tea

I was surprised that in the taste you had a hint of candy flavour. The flavors in this tea are well-balanced as well, a mix of fruits and a little sweetness. I would definitely buy this flavor again.

Guy Input: It smells like raspberry. I don’t like this because it taste like a candy

I try this Twinning’s Chaï French Vanilla Tea:

mhktriesthis - chai french vanilla tea

This is the one I was the most excited about. I love drinking french vanilla coffee from Tim Hortons. I was expecting, this being tea, that there would be different, but I didn’t think it would taste that much different. It was very spicy, not spicy hot, but a lot of different spices. I then realized that was the Chaï (I have never drank anything Chaï before). It has a strong cinnamon taste. I don’t really taste the french vanilla. I was so confused with this flavor, I felt like there was a lot going on. It reminded me of a spice mix we had purchased a while back, to make hot wine.

Guy Input: It makes me think of the Sugar Plum Forest Tea we bought at David’s Tea. It tastes like Christmas. I think that was my favorite!

I try this Twinning’s Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea:

mhktriesthis - pure peppermint tea

I’ve tried this tea before and the first thing that came to my mind when I drank the first sip is that it tasted like minted floss! On the other hand, after drinking it, I feel like my breath is minty fresh! Haha!

Guy Input: I don’t like it at all and I am surprised because from the smell I was sure I was going to like it. The more I drink it the less I dislike it. The smell is definitely stronger than the taste.

Have a nice day!

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