I try this Remay Glide & Shave Gel Bar

I picked up this little gadget when I went to the National Women Show this winter. It was only $5. This gel bar is created to use outside the shower without creating irritation to the skin. I wanted to try it because I have very sensible skin.

I think it’s practical for a quick touch up, on vacation, or when you forget that one line of hair… you know what I am talking about right?

It is available in store and online for $9.99.

You wet the gel bar and then apply it to the skin, you shave and voilà!

mhktriesthis remay bar packaging glide & shave (2)mhktriesthis remay bar glide & shavemhktriesthis remay glide & shave glidemhktriesthis remay glide & shave shave

Verdict: It is shaving cream in the shape of a bar and I love it. It is not messy, it leaves my skin smooth and it smells nice (  say it smells like baby soap and the Guy Input: It smells like citrus.) Now go figure what is wrong with us!

Hope you all have a nice day!

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