I try this subscription box : Ipsy Glambag – June 2015

It is a 10$ a month subscription, very important for Canadians to be aware of the exchange rate and shipping. It comes up 19,20$. You get 5 samples or full size products and a makeup bag.

The box is shipped on the 15 of each month and you can get a sneak peek of your subscription box via their website, or on Instagram and Facebook. Personally, I like to be surprised when I receive my box. I also had to unsubscribe to their Instagram channels. But maybe I am the weird one.

The bag is thin this month, so intriguing!

mhktriesthis ipsy june 2015 thin package

Here is what I got :

mhktriesthis ipsy june 2015 everything

I love the feel of the bag this month, is it very soft and I love that it is black, it wont get dirty as fast, and I love the pop of color on the zipper. This is by far my favorite makeup bag I have received.

I try this trèStiQue Mini Shadow Crayon in the Color Marimoto Pink Pearl:

mhktriesthis ipsy june 2015 trèStiQue eyeshadow stick

I love this product! The color is gorgeous, it goes on your skin very smoothly and the shimmer effect is very nice. The packaging is also very cute.

I tried these Altchek Dermatologist MD DePuff Eye Pads:

mhktriesthis ipsy june 2015 alchek MD depuff eye padsmhktriesthis Ipsy June 2015 Altchek MD try onmhktriesthis Ipsy June 2015 Altchek MD try on 2

I was impressed by the quality of this product. The pads were very thick and very easy to apply. Once applied, they held on nicely to the skin. You get a very cool sensation as you put them on. On the back, it says to use it minimum 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. I did not see a difference, but my eyes did feel more relaxed. Im happy I received two!

I tried this Aurora Intensive Precise Eyeliner in the Color Blackberry:

mhktriesthis ipsy june 2015 aurora liquid eye linermhktriesthis ipsy june 2015 aurora liquid eye liner wet

As you can see from the picture, I swatched this product twice. The first time, the liner spread out and I found it was not a nice finish, but I gave it a second try and it was much nicer. On the packaging it says that it is waterproof. I put it to the taste for 15 seconds and the color stayed very well, until you touch it. I think waterproof makeup should be removed only with make remover, right?

I tried this Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer:

mhktriesthis ipsy june 2015 smashbox foundation primer

This primer made my skin feel very smooth. It kept my makeup in place and my eye shadow almost intact. I was surprised by this little product.

I tried this J Cat Beauty Liptitude Hydrating Lip Stain:

mhktriesthis ipsy june 2015 j cats beauty liptitude lip stain

This is my first lip stain and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It looks very thick but it is easy to apply. I felt like I was plaint, that is how much it was pigmented. When you try to wipe it off, you lose the glossiness but the color stays, which is appreciated. It’s not a color for me but I must say the pigmentation is very nice. Oddly enough, there was no name color on this product.

Overall thoughts:

I am very happy with my June Ipsy Glambag, except for the lip stain, I will use all the products I have received. I am also very happy to have tried on new companies that I haven’t heard of before.

If you are interested in trying Ipsy you can use my referral link.

I will be happy to hear about your thought about this subscription bag, and about the products you receive.

Have a nice day!

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