I try the 21 day fix

I hate spending money on something I could find online (exercice videos, healthy recipe). However none of this free stuff has been working for me so far. I need “supervision”. I decided to join this challenge because

A- it had an expiry date, let me explain. Knowing you have a short term goal is more motivating than just “I’m going to try to lose weight for summer vacation in 7 months.. I have plenty of time”. Does that sound familiar?

B- It’s hard to start a new habit,especially if it’s not the right fit for you. After 21 days I can decide I like this type of exercise or not and try something else.

C- Logging in everyday to talk to real people that are there to help you and are doing the same exercise and eating habits as you, not just your bf/gf who might support you in everything , especially if they are not active people. Who wants to be told by a couch potato to go do their cardio? I have nothing against those people but it hard to do something alone sometimes.

It came with a shake -Shakeology.

I never liked shakes. I tried some and I felt they always taste like powder. I was not happy about that part but at the same time I was. I leave my house for work very early in the morning (6:30) and I am not always hungry,but I know I have to eat. I’m not the type of person who will bring my milk and cereal to work (I already have enough typperwares with my lunch). Now I can make this shake before I leave from work, drink it in the car or leave it in the fridge at work until I’m hungry.

It comes with a package (see picture above).

My challenge started before I received my package. I found a lot of helpful pins on Pinterest, I found information on the Team Beachbkdy website. I panicked a little bit because of the new eating habits I had to make. these meals, you have to be so careful. I remembered that I am in this position now because I am not careful with what I eat. It’s back to school for feeding time. P.S. Isn’t this something they SHOULD teach us in school??

My main goal is to not give up before the end of the 21 days.


*As I am posting this mini serie I have just finished my 21 day fix. Stay tune to see how it went down!


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