I lost most of my work

Okay, I feel like I have let you guys down. It’s been months since my last post (except the one from yesterday) and I was VERY surprised to see that there was still traffic on my blog… everyday? Some days you were 7, others 2, but it made me feel so good inside knowing that people wanted to read what I wrote.

I had stopped for a little while because I became obssessed with finding new things to try and my boyfriend saw me stressing and worrying and he told me to take it easy.. this is not a job… its a HOBBY.

For a while I worked on a few post on my USB key and I was planning a nice comeback with a many posts (20 in the making no joke) but then… I LOST MY USB KEY!!! WITH ALL MY WORK! All the posts, all the pictures I had taken.. I canno’t find them! I refuse to believe I’ve lost it and I keep telling myself I misplaced it. It’s a small object, it’s got to be somewhere, in a crack of the sofa or something…

All this to say that now I use the website/app Evernote. I can access my work anywhere aslong as I have internet. You will see that I have skipped a few ”unboxing” they are on my key… and I will upload them as soon as I find this damn USB key!

Let me know if you have ever lost something, where is the weirdest place you have found it.


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