I try the 21 day fix – Week 1

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It has been one week I have started the 21 day fix and I wanted to share with you how it went down.

  • Doing exercise every single day is not as hard as I thought. I never thought I would say this, but these 30 minutes workout fly by!
    I already feel my muscles getting stronger
  • I haven’t received my package yet. It makes me wonder how amazing this shakeology is in this process. I feel that I have been doing a good job without it. For the containers I found the equivalent  online so I use a measuring cup for my portion control.
  • I found out how much my fiancé cares to help me. On days when I do not feel like doing my workout he is there to tell me to do it, it will be done fast. Also, he is into the eating healthier with me. He doesn’t calculate his portions the way I do but we eat much better.
  • I haven’t tried prepping my meals yet. I feel like I do not know where to start.
  • I wake up with more energy.
  • I still need to learn to drink more water.
  • Eating healthy is not so hard, except when you go to the restaurant. We went to a BBQ type restaurant and I wanted to eat everything. I chose my plate considering the portion and the content (no pulled pork sandwich because of the bread) but I ate some delicious ribs with salad.
  • I feel full faster and I am slowly listening to my body to learn when to stop eating.

Verdic week one : I think it’s going great. What I love the most about the workout is that you don’t  redo the same exercice over and over, in 30 minutes. Once it is done, you move on to the next one. Also I love that I have a different workout everyday of the week. We work different muscle, but it is also more interesting. I love the coach comments, they help me push harder.

It has been a good week, even though I cheated a little bit over the weekend.
Come on week 2, show me what you got!


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