I try the 21 day fix – Week 2

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I must say, doing the workouts this week was a little more boring, for the simple reason there was nothing new, BUT I could start comparing myself to last week.

  • I am now able to do jumping jacks without pain.
  • The workouts passes fast.
  • I have tried more recipes 21 day fix approuved and they were pretty good.
  • I have more energy.
  • I think the shakeology helps me wake up in the morning and be more productive (and less lazy).
  • I cheated more (I drank some wine and ate some bread).
  • It is becoming more of a habit to eat fruits and veggies when I feel hungry.
  • I still struggle drinking enough water.
  • I admit I weight myself and lost three pounds (only… but then again I KNOW I gain muscles and those weigh more than fat…)

I am getting good at this. Usually friday nights are the worst because I always have plans and I feel rushed in time, but it is so doable.

It helps a lot that my fiancé encourages me to do the workouts when I am lazy.

Have you started a new exercise routine? Let me know how it is going!

Click here if you missed my intro!

Click here for week 1!


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