Day 16 of the 21 day fix

I usually do my 30 minutes workout when I get back from work. Today I had  cookies to bake and I wanted to make them first so I could let the icing dry.
By 7PM I still hadn’t done my workout and I had SO much energy!! I was surprised and almost excited to workout. Now that is new!
I just want to let you know the difference in two weeks.
Two weeks ago, after work, I was a zombie. I would get home, sit on the couch and play on my phone. My boyfriend would come home, he would make supper, I would help. I would clean dishes until supper was ready (our dishwasher is broken). We ate, I didn’t feel like doing the rest of the dishes,I would sit on the couch. Then, I would go to bed. – THIS happend for days and days. I knew it was bad, hello I am 26 years old. This cannot be life.
What did I do yesterday? I came home, took out my gingerbread cookies, put icing on them. We ate supper, I put the clean dishes away, I continued decorating my cookies. I washed all the dishes of the day. I did my 30 minutes workout. I took out sugar cookies I had made and I melted chocolate to dip them inside and add candy. Afterwars, I clean all my mess and all the new dishes. Cleaned the counter. Wrapped some Christmas gifts (this post is a few weeks late, sorry!) I took a shower and went to bed… not even being tired!  I loved it!

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