Week 3 – 21 day fix

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I will admit that I haven’t been doing my eating plan properly, I have been eye balling it, BUT I still eat better food (more veggies, less fat and less sugar). I am very frustrated because I do not have a picture to show you the before and after. Honestly, on the scale I only lost four pounds. However, you could see it in my figure that I had lost fat and gained muscle weight. I finished my challenge on december 23rd. I admit I abused of the good things in life during the holidays. By the time it was over, I hadn’t worked out since and I know I ate too much… it was too late for picture. This challenge did make me realize a few things:

  • Before the challenge, I knew I over ate, but I didn’t know how much
  • Cheating from time to time will not ruin all your efforts
  • I do not have a lot of self control, it is better to not have junk food at home
  • I surprised myself being excited to do my workout
  • If I did it once, I can do it again
  • Having someone to support you will make a big difference
  • It is easy to over eat again, you should always be alert of what you put in your mouth.. eg. don’t eat junk food straight out of a bag while watching tv, use your portion control containers or you will eat the whole thing… well I do.
I do plan on make a round 2 in February and I will try to get better at meal prepping. It’s a great feeling to feel strong. Come on round 2, come at me!
Let me know in the comments below if you have tried this 21 day fix and how it went for you.

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